Sunday, January 18, 2015

Blog Post #1

      EDM310. This has been a topic of conversation many times in several of my education classes. I have heard many students address their opinions related to EDM310. Of the many opinions I have heard, a majority were of a negative manner. Some opinions of this class include "it's a time-suck", "this is a difficult class", and "you have to constantly work in this class." From these many opinions, I have not been looking forward to EDM310. My fears have included not being able to have the time to complete all the work or falling behind and not being able to catch up. After having the first week of class, these fears have mostly subsided. From the very helpful and detailed checklist and seeing the eagerness of Dr. Lomax wanting to help his students, there really is nothing to fear of this class. Compared with other classes I have taken in college or high school, this class does truly have the most projects and assignments I have ever had to complete for one class. Although it seems like this class will be challenging to keep up with, as long as we follow the detailed checklist, I believe that every single student can succeed in this class. For me personally, I believe devoting the 9 hours a week will be the most difficult for me. I am taking 3 other classes and taking care of my two children, so for me balancing my time between this class and my other priorities may be a bit challenging. I believe the best way for me to address my most difficult aspect would be to prioritize my time and classes by using a day planner. Writing out a plan and a schedule for doing work will definitely help me stay organized and on task in all of my classes and still allow time to spend with my family. At the moment I cannot think of any questions about EDM310. I believe the information provided with the syllabus, blog post assignments, and projects is very clear as to what is expected of us students in EDM310.

Practice Blog Post 1

I. Who am I?
 A. Name
   1. Misti
 B. Where I have lived?
   1. Ohio
   2. Florida
   3. Alabama
 C. Major Interests
   1. My children/family
   2. Teaching
 D. How I ended up at school at USA?
   1. Attended a previous college.
   2. Met BF
 E. Family Info
   1. Dad, mom, brothers, and bio mother
   2. Boyfriend, daughter, son
 F. My Passions
  1. My Family
  2. Shopping

    Hello there! My name is Misti E.M. Williamson. The E and the M stand for Eileen Mary. I was named Eileen after my Aunt on my biological mother's side and Mary after my great great grandma (of whom I haven't even seen a picture of). I grew up in Cleveland, Ohio living with only my dad from the age of 3 until 12. My dad remarried when I was 12 years old, and we moved to Brooklyn, Ohio. At the age of 17, right after high school graduation, my parents dropped me off at Pensacola Christian College (PCC) in Pensacola, Florida. I lived there from 2006 until February 2013. In February of 2013, I moved here to Mobile, Alabama to live with my boyfriend and his daughter. My major interests include my children and family as well as teaching. My boyfriend and I have one son together. Both of my children and my boyfriend mean so much to me. I would do anything for my family. My other major interest is teaching. I have wanted to be a teacher every since first grade. I have always loved working with children as long as I can remember. Since my interest is teaching, I am now attending USA in order to obtain the degree to follow my passion. Now the question is what brought me here to USA, especially since I was already attending another college. Well, that is a good question! I started as an Early Childhood Education major at PCC, and then I changed my major to Elementary Education when I realized I truly wanted to work with Kindergarten or First grade. While attending PCC, in order to help with my tuition I worked my way through college only taking 2 courses a semester. At that rate, I felt that I would NEVER graduate, so I changed my major to a 2 year office degree of Legal Office. Many of my friends and teachers voiced their concerns as to why I changed my major since I was born to be a teacher! Well, little did I know that I would end up back where I started. As soon as I graduated in May 2011 I started work as Records Secretary for the Academy next door to my college. In June 2012, I met my boyfriend and moved here to Mobile February 2013. My boyfriend also knew that I was born to be a teacher and encouraged me to go back to school and finish my Elementary Education degree at University of South Alabama, which is where he graduated from a few years prior. I am so glad he encouraged me to continue my degree, because I know that teaching is where I truly need to be.

  Well now that we know all about me, let's take a little look at who my family is. My parents and brothers currently still live in Ohio. My dad and step-mom now live all by themselves, since my brothers and I have all moved out. My oldest half-brother, Sean, lives in Ohio with his girlfriend and my niece, Izabella. My 23 year old brother Vincent also lives in Ohio with his father and occasionally visits my mom and dad (mostly when he needs something). My youngest brother, Brandon (20), lives with his girlfriend and their two pets, and in August they will be blessed with my niece or nephew! My biological mother passed away November 2010. Now about my family living here in Mobile with me! I live with my boyfriend Joe and my two children, Kaiya and Caden. Joe is a software engineer that works at for a company dealing in healthcare software. My daughter, Kaiya, is 5 years old and has brown hair and brown eyes, and even though she is a half sibling to my son Caden, they both favor their father's genes! My son Caden just recently turned one on December 11, 2014. He has brown eyes and blonde to brown hair. He has just recently started walking, and he loves and enjoys his freedom! My two children are one of my passions. I enjoy spending time with my family! My other passions is shopping. When I have money I love to shop for clothes, usual for my children. There are so many cute clothes for kids, and sometimes I the clothes I get my daughter I wish they also had it in my size!

My boyfriend and I

My daughter Kaiya

My son Caden 

 I am in the field of Elementary Education because as I said before I have always loved to teach! I truly enjoy teaching, preparing, and influencing the lives of young children. I absolutely love teaching them to read and write and having the opportunity to make sure they have mastered these skills before continuing on in their education. I believe an educator is one that influences children and will teach children lifelong lessons and skills. Some educators can influence for the negative and some for the positive. I would like to be one of those educators that influences in the positive manner.